All-time high: 20th CORNET Call received 35 proposals

The 20th CORNET Call for proposals closed on 30th September 2015 establishing a new record in CORNET´s history: 35 proposals have been submitted. CORNET will now perform an eligibility check, organise a joint evaluation by international experts and communicate the evaluation results to applicants in April 2016.

Since CORNET´s start as a self-sustained network in 2011, the number of submitted proposals have been overall on a stable rise. Our success is the result of the great work of all the CORNET partners promoting CORNET in their country or region.
Additionally, our efforts to expand the network are starting to bear fruits: in the 19th call we managed to acquire a pilot project proposal with UK´s participation, as well as two pilot project proposals with participation from Peru and Québec in the 20th Call.