23rd Innovation Day: CORNET project presentation at International Area


23rd Innovation Day

Every year a variety of CORNET and IraSME projects have the chance to present their work on the Innovation Day for SMEs of the BMWi to a broad audience. The fair aims to make international collaboration tangible and present the great results of project consortia.

On 2 June three CORNET projects presented their work in sunny atmosphere. The German-Polish project crew from PROLEGU gave insights into their examination of innovative protein products from sustainably grown legumes for poultry nutrition. Because of our dependency from soy imports as well as ecological aspects for sustainable cultivation, domestic grown protein sources are an important development for the future. The team literally made their project tangible by giving away green stress balls, reminding the audience of a pea – a sustainably grown legume for poultry nutrition.


Audience at STERISCOPE booth

Furthermore, STERISCOPE explained their novel low-temperature sterilisation procedure based on supercritical carbon dioxide and compatible nanocomposites for medical devices, such as flexible endoscopes. For more information on the German-Austrian project please read the full success story on STERISCOPE.

The third project showed again a completely different picture of possible collaboration in CORNET. The association ‘Forschungsgemeinschaft Feuerfest e.V.’ is working in the field of refractory linings that are necessary for many industrial processes, e.g. production of iron and steel, glass, cement, ceramics or energy generation. During steelmaking, the thermal shock that typically occurs when a steelmaking ladle fitted with refractories is filled at the converter has a tremendous impact. The German-Wallonian project HISHOCK examines aluminum based spinel-containing or spinel-forming monolithics regarding their thermal shock resistance.

©pictures: GFP, CORNET