24 Proposals submitted in 28th CORNET Call

The 28th Call for Proposals closed on 25 September 2019. The number of proposals submitted by applicants from various countries and regions has increased with 24 receipts in total.

Thematically, the international research projects range, among others, from sustainable production of food and paper to environmental remediation as well as manufacturing rubber and plastic products.

One proposal was submitted in collaboration with the Turkish funding organisation TÜBITAK, which has re-activated its partnership in CORNET at the beginning of 2019 and took the opportunity to participate in the 28th call. The CORNET Coordination team is also happy to announce, that proposals have been submitted with Peru and Brazil, two young members of the CORNET family. Two trilateral project proposals were submitted.

In a next step, the CORNET Coordination Office is checking if all applications are valid. Following this, a number of international experts are jointly evaluating the proposals being submitted. The results of the evaluation process will be communicated to applicants latest in April 2020.

For more information about future calls, please visit the section Calls for Proposals on the CORNET website.