CORNET – pre-competitive Collective Research with national budgets

CORNET was initiated as an ERA-NET in 2005 and was supported by the European Commission’s 6th and 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development until 2010. The major achievement constituted in the ERA-NET phase was the introduction of joint CORNET Calls for Proposals and the tests of various evaluation procedures. The CORNET partners have not only exchanged experiences in terms of existing national or regional funding schemes, but established new ones as well.

Since January 2011, CORNET is a self-sustained network coordinated by the AiF. The ERA-NET principle still applies for the joint CORNET Calls for Proposals: national or regional funding schemes and available national/regional budgets are the basis of CORNET. The knowledge and trust gained within these many years of collaboration form the basis for an effective cooperative work among the CORNET partners. CORNET’s aim is to increase competitiveness of SMEs by funding international pre-competitive Collective Research projects. It is open for new participants worldwide. > Join CORNET

Partner Network: IraSME – market-oriented research and development with national budgets

If you would like to develop a project beyond the pre-competitive Collective Research approach or you like to take the results of your CORNET project to the next level, the market-oriented funding network IraSME could be the right tool.

IraSME specialises in the development of new products, processes or technical services that exceed the state of the art. IraSME is a self-sustained network with Calls for Proposals twice a year. The approach is bottom up, funding technical development from the first idea to the last not marketable prototype. Minimum constellation involves at least two companies from two participating countries/regions. For more information please visit