No problem. We are always open to involve new countries and regions. The only requirement is that a certain budget for pre-competitive Collective Research needs to be provided as funding of the international projects is always covered on national level. Usually, the source for financing projects is public funds provided by organisations such as ministries and funding agencies.

If your country or region isn’t partner in CORNET yet, we might ask for your help to identify the appropriate funding organisation:

  1. We suggest you look for a relevant funding agency or ministry in your country – the resident researchers in your project team are usually the experts for existing funding sources. Think of the funding mechanisms you would usually use for your pre-competitive projects on national or regional level (no international programme required!): Which organisation would you ask for funding? Where would you apply with your project idea? They might be the right supporters for a CORNET project as well.
  2. Please get in touch with them and tell them about your planned project, and that you would like to do it within the CORNET framework.
  3. Please get back to us with the contact details of the person in charge from the respective funding organisation you talked about financing your planned project. We will discuss with them the cooperation details in CORNET on agency/ministry level to ensure that project funding can be aligned.

International collaboration within CORNET can also be tested out by initiating pilot projects.

With your help, we will try to make a collaboration with your country happen!