At the heart of a project: lessons learned

At the CORNET and IraSME Partnering Event on 28 January 2016 in Aachen Dr. Kristina Lahl (IfU e.V.) gave insights into the running CORNET project TeSaMa (Technical Safety Maintenance in Mechanical Engineering).

The German/Polish Success Story aims to provide a holistic approach for Mechanical Engineering companies, especially small and medium enterprises, to conduct and obtain sector-specified risk assessments including recommendations for safety measures for both their work places in the production and their machine development process.

European SMEs of the Mechanical Engineering sector have remarkably higher accident rates and fatality rates than large enterprises, though they have inferior resources to face the consequences. In addition to that, newly developed machinery for the European market, which has to be assessed in terms of possible hazards for the user and his environment, is rarely assessed professionally enough to be secured against legal acts and claims.

Dr. Lahl explained what obstacles they managed to overcome working in an international project, how to write a common proposal and summarized the essential lessons learned during the process. Download the complete presentation about the CORNET project TeSaMa as pdf file and prepare yourself for a CORNET application.