Application process

Project consortia led by SME organisations like associations, clusters, federations or ad hoc groupings of industrial enterprises from at least two different CORNET countries are invited to submit proposals for joint Collective Research projects. The application process consists of two parallel steps:

1) Submission on international CORNET level

One of the participating countries/regions, preferably the project coordinator, is responsible for submitting the full CORNET proposal including all annexes by the stated deadline via the CORNET Submission Tool on the CORNET website. After the call is closed, no changes or supplements can be added.

CORNET Submission Tool

It is mandatory to use the CORNET Submission Tool to submit proposals. Every project consortium has to register for this tool in order to upload all necessary CORNET proposal documents. As before, the application templates have to be filled in offline. After being logged in to the system, applicants need to upload the completed proposal documents (please use the latest templates for the current call) in Portable Document Format (PDF). While the call is running, you can still add documents or change parts of your proposals. Once your proposal is complete, press the “submit”-button. After submission, no changes can be made anymore.

Please note that only completed proposals containing all annexes that were submitted by the stated deadline via the CORNET Submission Tool will be considered for funding.

2) Submission on national/regional level

In parallel, all partners send a national/regional application form to their own national/regional funding organisation, using a local template that refers to the CORNET project proposal. Please contact your funding organisation for this. They will inform you about the national/regional procedure and requirements of the associated programmes. Usually, the CORNET deadline also applies for national/regional submissions, in some cases national/regional documents have to be handed in earlier. The national/regional application has to be submitted latest until the date of the CORNET deadline even if national/regional rules allow later submissions.

Please take notice of the full CORNET Call Guidelines: Guidelines CORNET 32nd Call

A schematic overview about the whole process is available here: CORNET project path

Please also notice the Dos and Don´ts that have to be considered when applying for funding!