Success Story: CORNET project AOPTi

In: CORNET projects 26th November 2020

Micropollutants, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients, pesticides and other chemicals are continuously released into municipal wastewater. However, urban wastewater treatment is not designed to remove these substances.

Success Story: CORNET project Metaplast

In: CORNET projects 15th September 2020

The project METAPLAST was dedicated to investigate innovative, environment friendly plasma based technologies for deposition of metallic layers on polymer and composite surfaces at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature.

Success Story: CORNET project SurfParquet

In: CORNET projects 23rd May 2019

Parquet is getting more and more competition from other floor coverings like laminate. The Austrian-German CORNET project "SurfParquet" makes wooden floors with distinctive surface features more resistant to wear and tear through innovative coating.