Cities & Climate: German Brazilian Dialogue

Invitation to the 9th German-Brazilian Dialogue regarding the topic "Cities and Climat"Cities face major challenges when it comes to climate change. With a steadily increasing population density, corresponding CO2 emissions and energy consumption, they significantly contribute to climate pollution. At the same time, urban spaces are innovative centres for confronting climate change.

This topic area is the focus of the 9th German-Brazilian Dialogue on Science, Research and Innovation, to which DWIH São Paulo together with the CORNET partner organisation FAPESP (the São Paulo Research Foundation) invite anyone interested. The event is taking place online from 17 to 20 May 2021 and will be held in English.

Platform for a multidisciplinary exchange on the complex topic “Cities and Climat”

The 9th German-Brazilian Dialogue discusses the impacts of climate change on the development of the cities of the future and offers a platform for a multidisciplinary exchange from several perspectives such as environment, economy, society, urbanisation, governments, institutions and cultures. Researchers and other experts from both countries in the fields of social sciences, environmental sciences, public policy, law and engineering are bringing their different views to the table to discuss the subject in all its complexity.

Stimulating new research cooperations between Brazil and Germany

Participants of the virtual event also have the opportunity to take part in online networking sessions stimulating new research cooperations between Brazil and Germany to work on solutions regarding the broad topic “Cities and Climate“.

The event is free of charge.

Registration: 9th German-Brazilian Dialogue – Cities and Climate

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