Conference on waste heat valorisation

From 23 to 24 May the research group for Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI) of the University of Ghent organises its 4th international symposium about waste heat valorisation in industrial processes. TEI is participating in the running CORNET project HP4Drying whose results and developments will be disseminated in lectures and workshops during the symposium. Summarised, the conference will focus on heat pump assisted drying; recent developments in high temperature industrial heat pumps as well as intermediate thermal storage in discontinue industrial processes to respond to variable energy prices. Target audience are industrials who would like to learn more about the waste heat valorisation technology, which is (almost) ready for use in industrial processes.

Time frame and participation fees (separate registration for all three of these activities is possible):

  • Monday 23 May, 14:00-17:00: Workshop with live demonstration of a lab scale drying process with several optimization possibilities which is directly related to the running CORNET project HP4Drying, EUR 50
  • Monday 23 May, 18:30-23:00: Conference dinner with surprise act, EUR 75
  • Tuesday 24 May: Practical oriented lectures about the 3 conference topics by well qualified researchers and manufacturers, EUR 240


Overview as pdf sheet:Waste heat valorization in industrial processes_Symposium 24 May

To view the full programme and register to the event till 18 May, visit the conference website on