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SteriScope (Austria/Germany)
Development of a novel low-temperature sterilization procedure using supercritical carbon dioxide and of compatible nanocomposites for medical devices

Download Steriscope presentation as pdf (800 KB)

SelfRepCoat (Flanders/Germany)
Self-repairing coatings for metals and composites

Download SelfRepCoat presentation as pdf (3 MB)

Europarquet (Austria/Germany)
Fundament for uniform European assessment procedures for surface and adhesive quality, as well as improvement of climate resistance of parquet floors

Download Europarquet presentation as pdf (3 MB)

AquaCem (Austria/Germany/Wallonia)
Reuse of fresh concrete recycled water in the fabrication process of air-entrained and high performance concretes

Download Aquacem presentation as pdf (450 KB)