Project Ressiar-MID: Industry 4.0 for SMEs

“This project covers a future-oriented topic and is of high relevance for the industry”,  Felix Rotter from the CORNET Coordination team summarises his impressions from the third SME User Committee meeting of the CORNET project Ressiar-MID on 17 September in Halver, Germany.

The project with the full title “Requirements for Smart Sensor Systems for IoT-Applications in Retrofit Equipment using Spatial Integration-Technologies” is coordinated by the Research Association Molded Interconnect Devices 3-D MID e.V.. Participating researchers are on the German side the Laboratory for Laser and Microtechnology at the OWL University of Applied Sciences, the Fraunhofer Institute for Design Technology Mechatronics, and on the Belgian side, the Catholic University of Leuven and the Sirris research institute are involved. The project started in 2018 and will end in 2020.

Retrofit: Equip old machines with intelligent Technology

SMEs use machines in their production processes, that often have a lifetime of up to 30 years. These – sometimes outdated – machines can produce much more efficiently and cost-effectively if they are controlled via the Internet by intelligent, networked technical systems: Machine-readable sensors and corresponding digital measurement technology enable reporting and monitoring measures on the one hand, and predictive maintenance on the other.

The digitization of existing older systems is called “retrofitting”. For many SMEs, however, the choice of suitable technology is difficult due to a variety of influencing factors: existing plant technology, the company’s IT infrastructure and the modules already used in other plants.

Supporting SMEs in making the right choice

This is where the CORNET project comes in: the project team identifies initial problems in retrofitting plants and looks for solutions for a wide variety of applications. Novel process technologies are used to integrate the retrofit systems spatially into machines and plants. A major focus of the project is the production of individual sensor systems in small batch sizes. The project aims to enable small and medium-sized companies to take their first steps in the areas of design, production, testing and commissioning when retrofitting systems with smart sensor systems. For this purpose, a library is to be developed which will enable less experienced developers to identify application-specific retrofitting strategies, configure spatially integrated sensor systems and integrate the developed sensor systems into existing production systems.

Company Visit: Turck duotec

The SME User Committee meeting in Halver started in the morning with a tour of the hosting company Turck duotec, that is active in the field of Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing Services – E²MS and acts as an Original Design Manufacturer. The meeting got high attention by the target group: the participating company representatives gave valuable feedback to the researchers, who now can produce results that help SMEs to save money and time.

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