DAAD establishes eight interdisciplinary Gobal Centers

This year is a challenge for all of us. Nevertheless, we learnt one crucial important factor: To accomplish global challenges, for example a pandemic, we need work on a transnational scientific level all together.

Due to this realization, the German Academic Exchange Service “DAAD” establishes eight interdisciplinary global centers in the global south. One-half of these centers are concentrating on conduct research into climate issues, and the other half is focusing on research into health and pandemic issues.  The German Federal Foreign Office (AA) is providing funding of 22 million Euro up until 2025 for the establishment of the centers.

German higher education institutions are able to apply for an establishment of one of the eight centers and work closely with partner organizations, both German and international. Each center is receiving 600.000 Euro funding per year, initially up until 2025 but with the possibility of extension until 2030.

In these global centers, the German higher education institutions will operate international networking across different continents and face exchange between science, politics, business and civil society. There over, these institutions are able to develop study programs to personnel exchanges, scholarships and the establishments of guest chairs.

The selection process is divided in two separated parts. By the end of November, the higher education institutions can initially submit an expression of interest with a project outline. The anticipated final submission date will be 23 February 2021.

Further information for the Global Centers for Health and Pandemic Provision: https://www2.daad.de/hochschulen/ausschreibungen/projekte/de/11342-foerderprogramme-finden/?s=1&projektid=57570657

Further information for the Global Centers for Climate and Environment: https://www2.daad.de/hochschulen/ausschreibungen/projekte/de/11342-foerderprogramme-finden/?s=1&projektid=57570720

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Benjamin Schmäling
Head of Section, Transnational Education Projects in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America
DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

+49 228 882-8717

Picture: © PIRO4D – pixabay.com