Dos and Don´ts to apply for funding

While you are working on your proposal, we suggest that you take a minute and read this article to get some handy tips about the things you should and shouldn´t do when applying.


  • Make sure your project idea follows the criteria of pre-competitive Collective Research and will benefit the needs of SMEs
  • Check if the guidelines have changed. Changes will be announced on the first pages of the guidelines and communicated on the CORNET website in the section
  • Make yourself familiar with the evaluation report. The high success rate in CORNET can only persist if the quality of the proposal matches the requirements
  • Get in touch with your national/regional funding organisation; contact the coordination office in case of enquiries on international aspects
  • Download the latest proposal templates
  • Categorise your project according to the drop drown menu in the application form
  • Register to the submission tool and make sure that all documents are fully-fledged before you submit your proposal
  • Make sure you don´t submit in the last minute to enable corrections after the formal check by the coordination office. There will be no extension of time to substitute or complete after deadline


  • Try to change dates or text in the proposal documents other than required
  • Try to find possibilities to avoid the format requirements of the proposal.
  • Send your application via email
  • Try to convince the coordination office that a different deadline applies to you


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