Dos and Don´ts when applying for funding

The current 32nd CORNET Call for Proposals will be automatically closing on 29 September 2021 (12 p.m. noon, CEST). While you are working on your proposal, we suggest that you take a minute and read the following to get some handy tips about the things you better should and shouldn´t do when applying for funding.


  • Make sure your project idea follows the criteria of pre-competitive Collective Research and will benefit the needs of SMEs.
  • Check if the guidelines have changed. Changes will be announced on the first pages of the guidelines and communicated on the CORNET website in the section Guidelines and Templates.
  • Make yourself familiar with the evaluation report. The high success rate in CORNET can only persist if the quality of the proposal matches the requirements.
  • Get in touch with your national/regional funding organisation regarding the respective funding criteria and assistance with your application.
  • Contact the CORNET Coordination Office in case of enquiries on international aspects.
  • Download the latest proposal templates for the application on international level. Using templates from previous calls is not permissible.
  • Make sure to meet the formal criteria regarding the maximum number of pages and font size (for detailed information, please have a look at the note Important Information for Applicants which is also part of the ZIP file containing the proposal documents).
  • Register for the Submission Tool (if you haven’t registered yet) and make sure that all documents are fully-fledged before you submit your proposal online.
  • Make sure you don´t submit your proposal last minute to enable possible corrections after the formal check by the Coordination Office. There will be no extension of time to substitute or complete your proposal after the deadline.
  • Be aware that the same deadline as for the common international proposal also applies for handing in the national proposal documents in most of the participating countries/regions. Delayed submission of national documents unfortunately leads to the rejection of the whole proposal.


  • … try to change dates or text in the proposal documents other than required. All templates are only valid in the given form. Changing the templates will make them invalid and leads to rejection of the proposal.
  • … send your application via e-mail to the CORNET Coordination Office.
  • … assume that a different deadline applies to you.


Picture: © Breakingpic / Pexels