EARTO Innovation Awards 2017

On 11 October, the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) held a ceremony at the BELvue Museum in Brussels to award its annual innovation prices in the categories “Impact Expected” and “Impact Delivered”.

Fraunhofer received the award in the category “Impact Expected” for the development of the CLEANTAN technology – an innovative production process using compressed CO2 to tan leather.

Tecnalia was awarded in the category “Impact Delivered” for the development of the AURA technology – an innovative system which uses big data to predict expected behaviours and to determine future failures of a company’s key assets like wind turbines or train wheels.

Publication of brochure with all nominees

As a member of EARTO, the AiF (the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations) has fielded the international CORNET project SteriScope in the competition for the EARTO Innovation Award 2017 in the category “Impact Expected”.

The EARTO has now published the 2017 edition of its “Innovation Awards” brochure, a collection of thirty-two innovations featuring EARTO members and showing the wide range of the projects. The CORNET project SteriScope is being presented on page 23.

SteriScope – successful cooperation project from Germany and Austria

The project SteriScope which focused on the development of a novel low-temperature sterilisation procedure based on supercritical carbon dioxide and compatible nanocomposites for medical devices was initiated and collaboratively being realised by the countries Germany and Austria.

From Germany, the European Cleaning and Hygiene Technology Research Association (FRT) as well as the Cleaning Technology Institute (wfk) participated. From Austria, the Clusterland OOE GmbH and the Montanuniversität Leoben were involved as project partners.

EARTO – an international association defending the interests of RTOs in Europe

The EARTO is a non-profit international association established in Brussels. It defends the interests of RTOs in Europe and provides them with information and advice in order to help them make the best use of European R&D activities and innovation programme funding opportunities.

The annual EARTO Innovation Awards is a competition which is open to all EARTO members. It rewards an innovation with significant social and/or economic impact produced with a major contribution from an EARTO member.


Picture: © jpgon / fotolia.com