GAPR. is looking for collaboration

The Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. (GAPR.) in Gliwice, Poland is a regional business support institution experienced in emerging industries consulting, EU projects, cross-cluster cooperation and networking. GAPR. is an efficient business stakeholder. It provides a platform for dialogue and cooperation among Silesian entrepreneurs, state authorities and local government, and it is the ideal place for those seeking innovative solutions. Cooperation with scientists makes it a perfect partner in commercialization of scientific and technological research in economy.

Modern Technologies

GAPR. is the main shareholder of the Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry Ltd. in Czechowice – Dziedzice – the most modern European centre for testing and manufacturing composite construction elements with the use of autoclave technology as well as thin play technology. Through the involvement of capital in the Centre GAPR supports development of aviation and innovative industry.

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