Global Wind Day

Wind has become a key factor in energy production nowadays. Onshore wind is already the cheapest form of new power generation, and costs of offshore wind have fallen by over fifty per cent only in the last few years. This makes it worth celebrating Global Wind Day!

Annually occuring on 15 June, Global Wind Day is a worldwide event celebrating the success of wind energy. Organised by WindEurope and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), it is a day for appreciating wind energy, its power and sustainability as well as the possibilities it holds to recoin our energy system and decarbonise our economies.

Improving and increasing the efficiency of wind energy is an important issue also being addressed in CORNET projects such as HyBlade. Fibre-reinforced plastics used in rotor blades are nearly impossible to recycle. The German-Flemish project crew found a solution to optimise the arrangement of wind turbines using hydroformed metal blades that can be almost fully recycled. Read more …