Heading towards the Green Deal

The Antwerp Maritime Academy is looking for project partners

Ships contribute significantly to global emissions and have a high energy consumption. The Antwerp Maritime Academy is looking for partners to implement an international Collective Research project which adresses solutions for environmental pollution and energy consumption in shipping. Expertise is offered in sensor-based measurements as well as data cleaning, processing and visualisation.

Favoured project partners: Data science, energy and maritime oriented companies and researchers

As partners, the Flemish University is searching for data science and maritime oriented companies who can contribute to the development of monitoring system and analyse, process or visualise data. Another target group are research groups with expertise in energy monitoring systems and data science.

Project idea: Installation of a mobile lab to save energy and minimise pollution

The Sustainable Transport research group of the Antwerp Maritime Academy specialises in the impact that ships have on health and environment, building up expertise on measuring and improving air quality in and around ships. It is the intention to develop a mobile lab that can be set up on any kind of inland ship to track energy consumption, ship activity and release of exhaust gases by reading existing sensors on board as well as placing self-developed monitoring systems.

With the help of the technical information of the ship, moments during a journey can be labeled as energy efficient or energy inefficient and as “acceptable” polluting or “unacceptable” polluting. With this labeled data, the goal is to identify quick possible actions (switching off the engine, changing speed etc.) to save energy and reduce pollution. By sharing knowhow about the development of measuring systems, data processing and data visualisation, ships can carry out measurements on their own using company instruments.

Advantages for the industry and small- and medium-sized enterprises

The project offers a lot of advantages for the industry and small- and medium-sized enterprises. Not only is it enhancing ship performances in general and adresses environmental pollution, the project also makes data series available to companies so they can detect patterns and work on further solutions themselves. A baseline measurement of current technology will be provided, so that the progress of innovations towards zero emission can be quantified.

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Project idea: “Heading towards the Green Deal: From correlations between ship’s energy consumption, ship activity and air quality to energy/pollution saving solutions”


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