Japan confirms the start of two CORNET projects

We have some good news regarding the successful collaboration between CORNET and the Japanese partner organisation NEDO: Two CORNET projects with Japanese participation submitted in the 27th call are now approved for funding and can start their work soon: The first project „Recycling of carbon fibres and subsequent upcycling for manufacturing 3D CFRP parts“ (3DrCFRP) in cooperation with the Forschungskuratorium Textil intends to demonstrate novel solutions for sustainable industry advancement by establishing a cradle-to-cradle value chain for CF (Carbon Fibre) applications. The second project “Clarification of fuel and oil flow behaviour around the piston rings of internal combustion engines” (FluelOilFlowMeasure) in cooperation with the Research Association for Combustion Engines aims to make significant contributions regarding the global conditions of the lubricating oil film at the piston assembly, fuel and oil flow and the basic mechanism as well as influencing factors in both SI (Spark Ignition) and CI (Compression Ignition) engines.

NEDO had joined CORNET in 2017 and is already funding one successfully running project. We are very happy about the fruitful cooperation with our Japanese partner organisation!

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