CORNET application process for funding organisations

After a funding organisation joins CORNET, it will become a CORNET partner. Once an application with the respective national/regional participants is submitted, CORNET has a clear and easy way through the selection and funding process. The CORNET coordination office will support and coordinate this process.

The CORNET proposal and the supplementary national/regional application have been submitted by the project coordinator by the stated deadline.

The CORNET coordination office checks all proposals for technical completeness.

CORNET partners ensure that proposals are in line with national/regional requirements, checking both the proposal and the supplementary national/regional application. The CORNET coordination office collects the results and undertakes the task of informing applicants if their proposal is non-eligible.

Every respective CORNET partner assigns up to two evaluators for each submitted CORNET project. Every evaluator will work with the same evaluation report following the CORNET assessment guidelines.

The CORNET coordination office collects and combines the evaluation reports, providing a ranking list with the evaluation results of all projects. In case of a rejected proposal, the coordination office provides a summary of the experts’ opinions.

According to the evaluation results and the available national/regional budget for the call, the respective CORNET partners in a project decide upon funding.

The CORNET coordination office sends a notification letter containing the funding decision to the project coordinator. The final funding decision and adaptations (e. g. related to the work programme or budget of a positively evaluated project) remain the responsibility of the respective national/regional funding organisations.

The respective CORNET partners conclude the contract and fund project according to national/regional rules.