Facts and Stats about CORNET*

By funding one project, at least 10 SMEs (5+5 per participating country/region) benefit from the results, plus many more SMEs potentially reached in the sector. With one public € or $ invested, we generate a several times higher impact on our economies compared to projects where only single companies are supported.

Since 2005, CORNET funded more than 300 PROJECTS.

Gaining an overall coverage of at least 5,000 SUPPORTED SMEs


With a well-established and running network, CORNET can offer an average success rate of 66 per cent.


Applicants requested more than a total of  € 200 M FOR FUNDING.

On average, every project participant requested  € 150,000 PER YEAR**.


‘Applicants in the Netherlands appreciate the high success rate and the proximity to national bodies. Compared to the European Commission, CORNET funds more applied innovation and R&D instead of high end, which is more appropriate to the level of operations.’ DANIËL DA COSTA, RVO NETHERLANDS


*1st till 31st Call  **project duration 24 month