Top 5 reasons to join CORNET


01 CORCornet-Grafiken-04_T501_screenNET is bottom-up: give your SMEs access to interdisciplinary knowledge, equipment and know-how abroad and let the SMEs in your country/region become international.


Cornet-Grafiken-03_T502_screen02 The Network is stable and running: 2 calls per year are available to ‘hop on’, offering a reliable call scheme ready to use. You choose which calls you would like to participate in, depending on your national/regional rules and available budget.


Cornet-Grafiken-00_T503_screen03 CORNET is highly efficient in two respects: with one project at least 10 SMEs benefit, plus potentially many more SMEs reached in the sector. And with one public € or $ invested, we generate a several times higher impact on our economies compared to projects where only single companies are supported.


Cornet-Grafiken-05_T504_screen04 Quality assurance – use your public funding the right way: benefit from the established and unbureaucratic evaluation procedure as well as the dedicated, reliable and field-tested network procedures in CORNET.


Cornet-Grafiken-06_T505_screen05 No member fee: Coordination costs of the network are covered by the German Ministry BMWi – you get the service of the coordination office for free.


‘Since we joined the network for the very first call we have received on average three proposals per call. Our applicants are eager to apply because of the high success rate and the down-to-earth application process.’ LISA BERG, FFG AUSTRIA