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26th CORNET Call for Proposals OPEN

26supth/sup CORNET Call for Proposals OPEN 

Since 27 June 2018, the 26th CORNET Call for Proposals is open! Project submission is possible until 26 September 2018, 12 p.m. (CET), online via the CORNET Submission Tool. As a well-established international funding network, CORNET accomplishes an average success rate of 66 per cent.


Success Story: CORNET project iAlgaePro

  Success Story: CORNET project iAlgaePro

Microalgae are a sustainable all-rounder, whose potential has been recognised in the food industry and in the energy sector. The German-Flemish CORNET project iAlgaePro focused on an innovative, much more efficient algae processing, also increasing nutrient values.


Innovative Partnering Event in Berlin

Innovative Partnering Event in Berlin 

This day was special: on 7 June 2018, the Innovation Day for SMEs celebrated its anniversary since taking place for the 25th time in Berlin. CORNET and its partner network IraSME successfully organised a Partnering Event in the “International Area”– the central meeting point to get in touch with future project partners.


How to apply for CORNET? Find out here!


If you are a SME organisation, a research institute or a single SME: once you are interested in applying for CORNET, you may ask yourself a thousand questions about what to do next. It is easier than you might expect because CORNET is designed to provide unbureaucratic procedures.


Transatlantic Innovation Forum ACE

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Israel and Germany jointly organised the 9th Americas Competitiveness Exchange (ACE). This conference, for the first time taking place outside the American continent, brings together innovation policy actors from different countries and regions building bridges for a vivid exchange.


Partner network IraSME: 22nd Call for Proposals open

  Partner network IraSME: 22supnd/sup Call for Proposals open

The 22nd IraSME call is open. Submission is possible until 26 September 2018, 12 p.m. – the same deadline that applies for the current CORNET Call for Proposals. If you would like to take the results of your CORNET project to the next level, the market-oriented funding network IraSME might be the right tool for you.


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