Number of proposals remains on high level

The 32nd CORNET Call for Proposals closed on 29 September 2021. The number of project proposals submitted by applicants from various countries and regions has remained on a high level with 30 receipts in total!

Wide range of research topics

From A to Z – the submitted project proposals cover all kinds of fields of technology. Thematically, the international research projects range from the development of nutritious sweets as well as antimicrobial packaging in the food sector to textile machine engineering regarding the development of lightweight components for automobiles and turbines. Further project proposals are dealing with the improvement of bioenergy production from agri-food solid wastes as well as with efficient energy conversion in the automobile sector.

Four trilateral cooperation projects handed in

Multiple project proposals were, again, submitted in collaboration with research partners from Germany, Flanders, Wallonia, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. Other countries involved in project proposals are Turkey and France. Besides bilateral cooperation projects, four project proposals were handed in, in each of which partners from three countries and regions are involved and joined forces for a project.

Proposals also submitted in cooperation with Brazilian and Japanese research partners

The calls are becoming more and more international. In addition to project proposals rather from the European area, two projects were submitted with partners from Japan as well as three promising projects in cooperation with Brazil. Brazil is one of the more recent CORNET partner countries having joined the network end of 2018 as second country from South America after Peru and, represented by two Funding Organisations, contributing to the network’s dynamic and stability.

Information of applicants in April 2022

In a next step, the CORNET office and the CORNET partner organisations will be checking if all applications are valid and eligible. Following this, a number of international experts are jointly evaluating the proposals being submitted. The results of the evaluation process will be communicated to applicants in April 2022. In May 2022, the funding of the projects can start.

Next call: Deadline on 30 March 2022

Research funding proposals can be submitted twice a year. If you missed the 32nd call, you might want to participate in the next CORNET Call for Proposals with deadline on 30 March 2022.

For more information please visit the section Calls for Proposals on the CORNET website. The guidelines and templates for the 33rd call will be ready for download once the call has opened.

Picture: © Cozine / AdobeStock