Number of proposals remains on record level

The 31st CORNET Call for Proposals closed on 31 March 2021. The number of project proposals submitted by applicants from various countries and regions has remained on record level with 36 receipts in total!

Wide range of research topics: From aeronautical engineering and innovative food technology to smart textiles and cyber security for industry 4.0

Thematically, the international research projects range, among others, from aeronautical engineering and the turbomachinery industry as well as surface and coating technologies to innovative hygiene testing in food processing and sustainable food packaging. Further project proposals are dealing with textile manufacturing in combination with electrical engineering (smart textiles) and cyber security for SMEs regarding industry 4.0.

Five trilateral cooperation projects handed in

Multiple project proposals were submitted in collaboration with research partners from Germany, Flanders, Wallonia, Poland, Austria and Turkey. Other countries involved in project proposals are Switzerland, Sweden and the UK. Besides bilateral cooperation projects, five project proposals were handed in, in each of which partners from three countries and regions are involved and joined forces.

Two proposals submitted in cooperation with Brazilian research partners

The calls are becoming more and more international. In addition to project proposals rather from the European area, one project was submitted with partners from Québec as well as two promising projects in cooperation with Brazil which is one of the more recent CORNET partner countries having joined the network end of 2018 as second country from South America. Also, projects with partners from Japan, South Korea and Mexico were submitted in the 31st call.

Information of applicants in November 2021

After checking all applications for validity and eligibility by the CORNET office and the CORNET partner organisations, a number of international experts evaluates the proposals being submitted. The results of the evaluation process will be communicated to applicants in November 2021. In January 2022, the funding of the projects can start.

Next call opening in July 2021

Research funding proposals can be submitted twice a year. If you missed the 31st call, you might want to participate in the next CORNET Call for Proposals which opens in the beginning of July 2021 and closes on 29 September 2021.

For more information please visit the section Calls for Proposals on the CORNET website. The guidelines and templates for the 32nd call will be ready for download once the call has opened.

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