EMBRAPII – Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa e Inovação Industrial

SBN, Quadra 1, Bloco I, 14º Andar
Ed. Armando Monteiro Neto
70040-913 – Brasília, DF
Tel: +55.61.3772.1000
Website: www.embrapii.org.br

For detailed information, please also have a look at the EMBRAPII folder.

Denise Neddermeyer from EMPRAPII, Brazil

Assessora Técnica

Denise de Menezes Neddermeyer



‘CORNET is the only initiative that offers the possibility of an international research project involving a group of small-and-medium-sized enterprises from one or more countries that have a common interest in pursuing one specific technological solution for their products. It is an unbureaucratic program, supported by a very experienced and responsive team, that facilitates the building up of R&D partnerships among enterprises of a specific sector. EMBRAPII is very enthusiastic with the growing awareness and interest from Brazilian enterprises in the possibilities offered by CORNET and its partner organisations from various countries and regions.’

Denise Neddermeyer, International Cooperation Officer of EMBRAPII