Project Idea: 360 degree video

From hype to reality

360 degree video, or video from every direction, currently is an emerging medium that allows viewers to explore content beyond the frame and feel like they are in the scene. Question is whether 360 video is a hype or a sustainable technology. This still remains unclear. This project has the aim to discover future possibilities and sustainable applications of 360 degree video, to identify 360 degree video user experiences and needs and to detect sustainable business models in different industries making use of the technology. Through pilot projects we will transfer available knowledge and technologies to the target group. This project aims to focus on domains and industries where the economic added value of 360 degree video is clear: media & entertainment, marketing, journalism and tourism. Please download the full project summary as pdf file: CORNET_project_idea_TMMA_020316_360

Profile of additional partners:
Research centres (applied research); companies/organisations from media & entertainment, marketing & advertising, tourism & leisure.

Name: Bruno Koninckx
Organisation: Thomas More University College / Media School – Memori
Tel: +32 (0) 15 369 302