Project idea is looking for partners

During a lot of industrial processes waste heat discharges that could be used otherwise if an intermediary storage was possible. The aim of the project ‘Short term heat or cold storage in industry’ is to review, evaluate and demonstrate possibilities for thermal energy storage on temperature levels between -30°C and over 1000°C.

The advantages for trade and industry lie in the possibility to save energy costs and reduce CO2-emmissions as well as introduce new activities for system suppliers and energy offices.

Coordinator and other applicant:

  • The Ghent University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Research Group Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI) – Belgium
  • VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research)


Profile of additional partners:

  • 1 eligible association per country
  • RTOs having experience in this field, especially on thermochemical heat storage
  • RTOs on materials, to select adapted materials with long term resistance against the used storage media, even on high temperatures


To view the full project summary and get in touch with the project coordinator please download the pdf: cornet_project_idea thermal storage