Project idea: Internal insulation of walls

The Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI) has recently published a brandnew project idea titled “Towards reliable internal insulation of existing solid walls” to find project partners who might want to “hop on” and realise this idea together in a collaboration project. The planned project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the renovation rate of existing buildings.

When energetically renovating exterior walls, internal insulation is often the only solution: layers of insulation material are fixed to an existing house interior wall. This method, however, bears some hygrothermal risks such as internal condensation, thermal bridges, mould growth or wood rot of floor beams. The BBRI addresses these problems: modern laboratory equipment is designed to imitate real climate conditions, thus increasing the knowledge about a variety of factors having an impact on internal wall insulation.

For more detailed information about the project and contact details, please click on the following Power Point Presentation.