Project idea: Optimised cooling for lithium-ion cell products

Project: Defining optimised cooling requirements for products containing selected lithium-ion cells

Profile of additional Partners: especially SMEs and other companies

Temperature strongly affects the aging behaviour and performance of lithium-ion batteries. Battery packs often require cell temperature control for cells to operate in their optimal temperature range. Significant temperature gradients can occur inside the cells during battery pack operation. The problem is that, until now, there is only little information about the actual effects of these gradients on aging and performance.

The consequences of poor cell temperature control are an unnecessary high battery as well as cooling system consumption of the products, insufficient performance and fast battery aging which requires frequent battery changes.

The research project planned by the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA) at RWTH Aachen University aims at creating defined temperature gradients within battery cells, measuring the temperature gradients and analysing the resulting effects on performance and cell aging. In a second phase of the intended project, the creation and validation of simulation models for temperature gradients is targeted. Another important goal is to end the dependency of the battery state of health on temperature gradients.

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