Project idea: Plant roots valorisation

Project: Plant roots valorisation to high value-added products (PROVACID)

Profile of additional Partners: especially SMEs and other companies

Nowadays, huge amounts of root waste streams are produced and are mainly applied as animal feed. However, it contains valuable compounds for the production of plastics. Extraction of high value-added products from these streams is an advantage for the food industry (sugar refineries, potato companies), which can get a higher price for waste, as well as for the chemical industry, which can obtain cheaper raw materials for the production of water-repellent plastics. Additionally, the saccharides present in the waste stream can be converted to 2G bioethanol.

This project idea targets at valorising the outer peel of roots to high value-added products such as anti-oxidants for food additives and dicarboxylic acids as building block of polymers. The research of the Biochemical Green Engineering and Materials (BioGEM) group from the University of Antwerp is aiming at sustainable solutions with a strong focus on industrial application. There is a special interest in cooperating with SMEs to ensure industrial application and to meet industrial demands.

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