Project idea: waste water treatment

The pharmaceutical products (PPs) are introduced into the environment by domestic or hospital waste waters and they are currently poorly removed by classical biological waste water treatment plants. In the case of decontamination of waste waters a promising solution is the use of (i) ozone which increases the amount of free radicals (OH and O*) in water, and of (ii) heterogeneous photocatalysis illuminated under UV light which involves pollutants adsorption on the photocatalyst surface and the oxidative degradation of these adsorbed pollutants, ideally into CO2, H2O and other products resulting from complete oxidation. The most frequently used photocatalyst is titanium oxide, TiO2, which is a semiconductor sensitive to UV light. For further information and contact to the project coordinator please view the project summary pdf: Celabor_cornet_project_idea_wastewater

Profile of additional partners:

  • Research centre active in water treatment
  • Research centre active in photocatalyse
  • Partners for scaling-up of ozone-UV photocatalytic technology
  • Partners for continuous tests in WWTP or in pharmaceutical companies