Horizon 2020 promotes female-led companies

The European Commission wants to promote women-led companies in order to contribute to gender equality in the European innovation ecosystem. Therefore, special conditions apply to project applications from SMEs led by women for the so-called EIC Accelerator Pilot in Horizon 2020 on 19 May 2020 and 7 October 2020. The proportion of companies run by women invited to Brussels for personal interviews should be at least 25%.

The evaluation in the EIC Accelerator Pilot follows a two-step system: All valid applications are evaluated in a remote procedure by four evaluators. The proposals that have achieved at least 13 out of 15 points are considered eligible. For budgetary reasons, however, only a significantly smaller number of innovative project proposals can be funded. For the second stage of the evaluation – a personal pitch interview in Brussels – the European Commission invites those SMEs that have submitted the best proposals. For the above mentioned two cut-off dates, the European Commission would like to set the number of female-led SMEs in these invitations at a minimum of 25%.

For more information on the EIC Pilot Accelerator, please contact the NCP SME.

Picture: © Schmuttel / pixelio.de