Recap of the CORNET and IraSME-Partnering-Event 2020

This year many things are different, and we are urged to adapt our way of living and working to this current situation. That is why our annual partnering event with IraSME had to be hold online this year – but it has been never less a huge success!

CORNET and IraSME organized the Partnering-Event 2020 with great support by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). It took place on the 10 November 2020, and (as mentioned before) the first time as an online event. The almost 75 participants represented perfectly the national diversity of our networks – in total 17 different countries participated!

In the first part, the networks CORNET and IraSME, including their partner EEN Enterprise Europe Network, introduced themselves. After that, the network partners of both networks had the opportunity to present themselves as well. If you are interested in this variety of presentations, you can watch them here!

Furthermore, a new CORNET-Success-Story has been released. The promising project called “HumidWRAP – Humidity and Water Regulating Active Packaging” with the coordination association Papiertechnische Stiftung PTS. Dr. Markus Kleebauer from PTS gave an interesting insight into the project. Germany, Poland, and Wallonia participated in this project with the aim to develop tailored concepts for internal humidity regulation in packages based on paper, plastics, and composites – with great results like:

  • Packaging with moisture-regulating properties can maintain the freshness and quality of packaged goods for longer.
  • By introducing hydrosorptive components into the bulk and into coatings, it was possible to equip paper and plastic films with moisture-regulating properties.
  • For bakery products and high-quality wooden products, the positive effect could be demonstrated by the means of a “Proof of Concept”. For this purpose the most promising materials were produced on small scale plants.
  • The results obtained are of a pre-competitive character, but represent an important basis for the development of commercial packaging products.

The event is online available and you still have the possibility to connect and network through the following link:

Image: The DigitalArtist, Pixabay