Calls for digitizing SMEs – Deadline 30 Nov.

CORNET’s objective is to boost SME’s business by supporting them in their innovation efforts. Similar objectives has the EU-funded initiative TETRAMAX: its mission is to boost innovation for SMEs in search of leading-edge digital technologies and solutions. TETRAMAX provides funding by the EU-Commission in the fields Smart Specialisation, Transport, Low-Energy and IOT and describes itself as “the #1 innovation hub for digitizing European industries in the domain of customized and low-energy computing (CLEC)”.

Currently, TETRAMAX has two open calls, both of which are open until 30 November 2019:

  1. Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary Technology Transfer Experiments (TTX)

Eligible for submitting proposals are consortia consisting of three or more partners: universities, (applied) research organisations, SMEs, and other for-profit companies (mid-caps, large industry) from at least two different EU member states and/or countries associated to HORIZON 2020. Consortia can apply for up to €100,000 EU financial support for tech transfer experiments. Such activities usually have a duration of 10-12 months.

  1. Entrepreneurial TTX calls

An entrepreneurial TTX team intends to bring itself towards a convincing business idea and to get “investor ready”. Eligible for submitting a proposal, TTX consortia comprise at least three distinguished members: Principal Investigator (role of chief technology officer), Entrepreneurial Lead (role of chief executive officer) and Mentor (role of business-oriented person). The TTX team is mainly formed by one academic entity located in one EU member state or in a country associated to HORIZON 2020. Consortia can apply for financial support between €20,000 and €30,000 with a typical TTX duration of 3-6 months.

TETRAMAX provides EU-wide local help desks with individual digitization consulting, low-risk technology innovation testbeds for SMEs, cross-border hardware/software ICT supply and demand brokerage. For more detailed information, please visit the TETRAMAX website.


Picture: © TETRAMAX