Toprak Smart Façade System LTD is currently looking for partners

The Turkish company Toprak Smart Façade System LTD Company is currently looking for partners to jointly implement an international Collective Research project.
The project SMART FACADE develops facades that can adapt to change outside air conditions and inside comfort requests by saving building energy consumption and developing a comfort level in an eco-friendly way.

Where you can use the innovation
The SMART FAÇADE is constructed for the following areas: Underground heat storage, BIPV technologies, evaporative cooling applications and energy efficient greenhouses.

What is special?
The unique part of SMART FAÇADE is the special construction. Overall, this innovation is an adaptive façade that is integrated witch HVAC system. The façade utilize small openings on the skin constructions for a continuous air circulation. This special and innovative construction, which provides a high air circulation between the channels, allows that energy efficiency of the façade can be increased and renewable energy sources can be used directly on the façade.

The benefits:

  1. Good ventilation of buildings with 100% fresh air. You can use this as an advantage to e.g. decrease the possibilities of an infection during a pandemic.
  2. It cleans the air coming from the underground heat – no hygiene problems anymore.
  3. SMART FAÇADE can benefit from evaporative cooling. Moreover, both the evaporative cooling of the outside air and the evaporative cooling of the exhaust air can be applied in high efficiency.
  4. With the help of this innovation, solar panels can work properly. The air circulation systems prevents the overheating of a solar panel and the consequent efficiency decreases up to 15%.

More information can be found on:

If you are interested in partnering up with Toprak Smart Façade System LTD Company, please contact Ercan Baser (, +90 312 350 99 90).

Picture: © Binyamin Mellish / Pexels